Frequently Asked Questions

In case the concept is new to you, cohousing can best be described as a form of intentional community.

We work closely with our neighbors to be good stewards of our community and environs. Most importantly we work together, break bread together and celebrate our lives together.

Please feel welcome to browse our site to learn about us and our community, or schedule a tour with us, and learn more about us in person.

Some common Questions

What is Cohousing?

According to the Cohousing Association of the United States there are six defining characteristics of cohousing.

  • Participatory Process
  • Neighborhood Design
  • Common Facilities
  • Resident Management
  • Non-hierarchical structure and decision-making
  • No shared community economy

You can read more about these traits on the CAUS website at:

What do Milagro's Homeowner Dues Pay For?

The cost of maintaining Milagro‚Äôs common areas and the exteriors of its privately owned homes is covered by monthly dues.  The amount homeowners pay varies somewhat based on the size of their homes.  Learn more about what the dues cover and how they are put to work to nurture and sustain a thriving eco-community.