Living Green

We have built our homes and operate our community in a way that honors the sacredness of the earth.

We have a commitment and intent to live more sustainably, integrating our lives with ecology.

Green Architecture

We have clustered our 28 homes to preserve more than ¾ of our property in its natural state.  We’ve built adobe brick homes with metal roofs that are well insulated and energy efficient.

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Native Permaculture

Our landscaping features permaculture design and an emphasis on native plants.

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Wetlands and Water Conservation

Milagro encourages and supports communal and personal water conservation, both for site uses and household uses.

From the selection of front-loading washing machines to water harvesting and wastewater recycling, our goal for potable water use is 50 gallons per person per day.

Of special note are the wetlands, which serve as our sewage treatment system and source of water for community trees.   All gray and black water going down any drain in Milagro travels through two septic tanks and then into the vegetated treatment beds of our subsurface constructed wetlands.   

These treatment beds are planted with sedges; the digesting bacteria on their roots clean up whatever comes their way, and the class X effluent is pumped, all underground, along the pathway to water our fruit, nut and shade trees.  That's why they look so healthy, without using much potable water!

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Community Gardens and Food Trees

The community is planted with several fruit and nut trees from figs to jojoba. We are enjoying the challenges of growing vegetables in Tucson’s arid climate.

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Energy Conservation

Our home are constructed with 15" adobe walls and colored concrete floors for thermal mass, and oriented to take advantage of passive solar principles. Solar hot water heaters were installed on all homes during construction.  We are also exploring new ways of accessing reusable energy sources and using energy more efficiently.

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