Social Activities

In a cohousing community, social activities are central to fostering positive interactions among members.

These positive relationships allow consensus decision making to work, and create an environment in which members can enjoy community living and share in the joys, fun and responsibilities.

Common Meals

Every Saturday evening, or sometimes Sunday evening, community members come together to share a meal in the Common House.  Members take turns cooking in teams for others who sign up  Current charges for meals are  pay $6 per adult, $3 per child.  Vegetarian or vegan options are usually available? Everybody is responsible for clean-up.

Holiday Celebrations

In addition to common meals, members come together to celebrate holidays.

Every Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween and Mothers Day,  the Common House is decorated, a potluck is organized and fun activities are often set up for the kids.

The emphasis is not on personal religious or spiritual beliefs, but on celebration and fun.  All members, regardless of their beliefs, join in.

Happy Hour

On Sunday evenings, "happy" members get together, depending on the weather, in front of the fireplace or outside to enjoy each other's company with a beverage and some snacks. Sometimes a movie is shown in the library afterwards.

Aloha Events

 New members are welcomed to the community and departing members are acknowledged with an Aloha party at the Common House.  .

Movies & Games

 Movies are enjoyed in the library and games are organized in the Common House.   A jigsaw puzzle is ongoing for members to work on.  There are many toys and games in the children's room as well.