Our Land

One of the miracles for which we are named is finding 43 acres of undeveloped land within 12 minutes of downtown Tucson.

Other developers had been thwarted by the challenges of providing access to the property for residents and utilities, and of dealing with wastewater. The "power of many" allowed us to successfully work through these challenges.

Through rezoning and variances we were able to cluster our homes on 8 acres of private homes and community facilities, leaving 35 acres for undistrubed open space.

Along the community pathway, we planted a mix of nut and fruit trees among the native species.  The mesquites and palo verdes provide shade and seed pod harvests.  The citrus, plums and figs become more productive each year.  Some plum trees flourish; others have failed.  Milagro will always be work in progress.

At Milagro you can contemplate amazing views, watch the dramatic changing of the desert seasons, meet the wildlife of the Sonoran Desert, exercise, or meditate in the midst of nature.