Shared Facilities

At Milagro we enjoy the shared facilities of the spacious common house with various rooms and a well-appointed community kitchen. Around the Common House is a paved area, grape arbor, grass circle, butterfly garden, outdoor chairs and tables, and jungle gyms as well as is our community swimming pool with shaded area. A basketball hoop provides practice space for young and older hoop shooters. The community is enclosed by snake deterrent fencing. 

The Common House

At the heart of the community sits the 3600 square foot Common House. Much of it consists of a spacious hall for meeting or eating. There is a library room with a firepace for reading, small gatherings or movies, a kids’ playroom, a large well-equipped kitchen, storage rooms, laundry room and drying yard.  The set-up in the common house allows us to hold family, community and larger neighborhood events throughout the year. 

A hallmark characteristic of cohousing is sharing community resources.  We planned and built those listed below.  Over the years the generosity of individual members has also enlivened the Common House 

Community Gardens and Fruit and Nut Trees

The main walkway between our two rows of houses is flanked by gardens maintained and enjoyed by the community as a whole. There are flowers, trees for shade and fruit, a central lawn and play structures for the kids.  

Our community vegetable garden near the entry gate has three raised beds for growing organic vegetables. 

The Swimming Pool

Our kid-friendly solar heated pool is 40 x 16 feet and no deeper than 4 ft.

It’s very popular in the summer months but we close it down for the coldest months to save energy costs.

Community Workshop

A large enclosed double garage serves for tool storage and area for crafts, carpentry, or maintenance projects.


All common areas are wheelchair accessible. Only three houses are directly accessible by car. For the rest, our electric-powered car is always available for transporting furniture and other heavy items between homes and parking area.

Other Amenities of Milagro

  • Meditative Labyrinth
  • Boundary line path around the 43 acres (under development)
  • Unspoilt desert views across the Camino de Oeste Wash and beyond to five mountain ranges surrounding Tucson!